Heleliis Hõim

Heleliis Hõim (1987) is an interdisciplinary artist working in parallel in different media. She has made several collaborative projects and solo exhibitions in Estonia, studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts, the Latvian Academy of Arts and the Belle di Arti de Milano University in Italy. She has also participated in international group exhibitions in England, Germany, Cyprus, Ukraine, Seychelles and Mauritius.

The artist is mainly inspired by mysteries, especially the chaotic essence of nature and man. Her work is characterised by a vivid use of colour and a distinctive expressiveness, often incorporating elements of organic forms. In her painting practices, the artist mainly uses movement and dynamism. Heleliis’s latest solo exhibition, ‘The Martian Chronicles’, at the ARS Project Space (2022), brought together an anthropological study of a human being who left the Martian environment on loan.