Exhibition: Ingmar Roomets – “Shadow”

The year 2023 begins at Artrovert Gallery with a new exhibition by a young artist. Ingmar Roomets’ exhibition “Shadow” showcases 11 works from the past two years.

Ingmar Roomets (born in 1995) is a young artist with a unique naive perspective and a powerful expressive style. In 2019, Roomets began studying at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences in Tartu, Estonia, in the painting department. In the same year, he joined the Umbra Studio in the old town of Tartu and started exhibiting his works. Since 2022, Roomets has also been a member of the Tartu Artists’ Union.

In analytical psychology, the concept of the Shadow refers to the collection of rejected or unacceptable aspects of our personality, all the suppressed parts of our identity. Typically, these are considered negative and destructive aspects of the personality, such as aggression or jealousy. Conversely, it could also involve the denial of our vulnerable, loving, and sensitive side. The Shadow is neither good nor bad; it is neutral and is awakened by events happening in our lives. Certain people and relationships can trigger our Shadow. This activates a part of us that we may not have been aware of before. Usually, we deny the unknown aspects that have been revealed to us and pretend they do not exist. However, when we relegate all these aggressive impulses, tabooed imaginations, shameful experiences, immoral urges, fears, irrational desires, and unacceptable sexual urges to the denying Shadow, they start subconsciously controlling our lives. The integration of the Shadow depends on fully accepting all parts of ourselves.

For the past three years, I have been engaging in intensive shadow work to understand individual and collective patterns. Through this shadow work, I have realized the necessity of collective healing. In order to heal collectively, we must first become aware of and understand our individual life experiences. By honestly facing ourselves, we can see that many of these negative habits and behavioral patterns, which have previously served as psychological defense mechanisms, have outlived their purpose. To live a balanced and fulfilling life with ourselves, we all have an individual obligation and responsibility to transform our negative habits into a healthy attitude towards ourselves and the surrounding world. Through integrating our shadow sides, we get the opportunity to learn to love and accept ourselves as a whole.

The artworks in the exhibition may initially appear dark and repelling. They reflect fears, pain, and experiences that can unexpectedly affect all of us, and it can be challenging to confront their concentrated intensity. However, by not judging the artworks and instead perceiving them neutrally and calmly, the viewer can begin a process of purification and release. All the works in this exhibition are created with the aim of transforming all the outdated negativity that no longer supports or serves us into something new and supportive. For example, compassion, understanding, liberating emotions, or a fresh start. After the process of purification, we can choose for ourselves what kind of life we want to create and what new experiences to invite into our lives.

The beginning of the new year is a good time to initiate processes of purification and release within ourselves.

The exhibition will be open until February 11, 2023.