Regina-Mareta Soonsein

Regina-Mareta Soonsein (1991) graduated from the Higher Art School of Pallas in 2019 with a degree in painting, but in recent years she has concentrated her work on linocut prints. Her work encompasses the subjectification of the line, pressure, the beauty of destruction, deviance, disintegration, inner experiences and archetypes.

Soonsein has been actively involved in exhibitions since 2017, the most recent of which was a solo show at Vaal Gallery in spring 2023. Winner of the Biafarin Award at the NordArt exhibition, the Wiiralt Award for Audience Favorite, the I Land Sound Festival’s Best Scenic Design Award, and the Estonian Association of Free Graphic Designers’ Newcomer of the Year.

In 2023, Regina-Mareta Soonsein’s exhibition “Trace” was held at Artrovert Gallery.