Culture ERR: The exhibition “Robot’s Path is a Shift” by Kiwa at Artrovert

On Tuesday (9.5.2923), the exhibition “Robot’s Path is a Shift” by artist Kiwa was opened at Artrovert Gallery. The exhibition consists of 100 digitally created images.

“The concept of the series is a state of immaturity and creative imagination. A world that is not frozen, where metamorphosis and fairy tale are possible. Transformation is, on one hand, a psychedelic experience, and on the other hand, a Taoist constant change or flow. States of experiencing a different reality,” explained Kiwa.

“While many artists today deal with posthumanism – the intersection of humans and technology, Kiwa deals with posthumanoidism – what becomes of aliens in the future. The collection of artworks is deeply impactful and creates an automatic shift in the viewer’s facial expression and, I believe, also in their thoughts,” commented Siim Raie, the founder of Artrovert Gallery.

The exhibition will remain open at Artrovert Gallery (Turu plats 3) until June 22, 2023. Check out photos from the opening on the ERR Culture website.

Author/source: Ken Mürk/ERR. Editor: Kaspar Viilup.